Dr. Kevin Britt

Hi there, I’m Dr. Kevin, owner here at Focused Chiropractic. I’m a chiropractor, husband, father, and novice handyman. 

If you are dealing with a nagging ache or pain, feeling older than your age, or looking for guidance on how to move better, be healthier, and raise a healthy family then you sound like someone I’d love to work with.

I have been a chiropractor for almost a decade and I’ve worked with people from all walks of life. But what brings me the most joy is when a family comes in for care together.

That’s where my journey began with chiropractic.

I started having back spasms at 12 years old that were holding me out of competing in sports. 

Luckily my parents were already going to a doctor who taught them the value in regular, maintenance care. 

While at the office, I’d hear stories about chronic pain relief, digestive issues resolving, allergies disappearing, and mental health issues clearing up.

So I’ve dedicated my life to helping families improve their quality of life so we can have a healthier and happier community to raise our families.

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