Ear Infections

Are ear infections normal?

Ear infections are the most common reason for pediatrician visits. But does that make them “normal”?


Then why do kids suffer from chronic ear infections so much more than adults?

Do they come into contact with more viruses and bacteria than adults? No.
Do they encounter different microorganisms? No.

The answer is fairly simple: stagnant fluid in their ear. 

Children’s eustachian tubes, the tubes that drain the inner ear, are less angled than adults, leaving them more susceptible to stagnation. But then why do some kids suffer while others never even get an ear infection?

The answer is because of two tiny muscles and a bone. 

The tensor veli palatini and salpingopharyngeus muscles and the top bone of the spine, atlas, to be exact.

The two muscles provide a “pumping” motion to the eustachian tubes when swallowing, allowing the tubes to drain properly. 

The atlas also needs to have proper motion for the eustachian tubes to drain properly because when out of alignment, the atlas can irritate the brainstem and the nerves coming from the brainstem. These happen to be the nerves that control those two tiny muscles with weird names.

So why would a child’s atlas not be moving right? Quick answer is physical trauma to the head and neck.

This most commonly occurs at birth. A German researcher named Dr. G. Gutmann surveyed over 1000 newborns and determined approximately 80% had dysfunction in their upper neck (i.e. the atlas not moving properly). 

Considering the birth process is already one of the most traumatic events of the human experience, when we layer on top the increase in c-section rates, possible vacuum extraction, pitocin and epidural use, and even the tugging and pulling of the head and neck in “natural” births, its no wonder ear infections are so common in kids!

One more thing. When the atlas isn’t moving properly, irritating the nervous system, it creates an imbalance in the nerve system that leads to a chronic stressed state. This will lead to a decrease in the function of the immune system, compounding the ear infection problem. 

So what can be done? 

At Focused Chiropractic, we use state of the art technology that can assess the amount of stress on the nervous system. This allows us to take the guesswork out of your child’s care.

Our goal is to help your child better adapt to the stressful, toxic world we live in. 

We do that by bringing balance back to their nervous system, allowing them to heal and thrive.

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