Imagine your stomach hurts. You have a pounding headache. You can’t sleep and you’re cranky. One more thing: you can’t talk because you’re only 4 weeks old!

So you cry…. and cry…..and cry.

And your parents feel helpless.


For years, colic was thought to be caused by indigestion. Today it is described as “a condition of unknown cause seen in infants less than three months old, marked by periods of inconsolable crying lasting for hours at a time for at least three weeks.”

Birth Trauma?

If a baby is inconsolable, its difficult to know why.  Consider another explanation. During examinations (and noted in many studies), we often find distortions to the upper cervical spine. This can directly cause head and neck pain, as well as directly affect the child’s brainstem, which controls digestion, along with many other functions.

67% Reduction in Crying

A randomized controlled trial published in the October 1999 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics tracked a small group of 50 infants. Half received the drug dimethicone and the others received chiropractic care. At the conclusion of the two-week study, the babies being adjusted saw a 67% reduction in crying and the drug therapy group saw a 38% reduction. 

Only TWO weeks!

Not a Cure

Chiropractic care isn’t a treatment for colic. If a subluxation is present, it will interfere with one or more functions of the body. By restoring proper nervous system function, our body will get to work healing itself. 

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