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Pregnant? 🤰

Trying to get pregnant?

Either way, it is important to understand how STRESS  not only affects you, but also your child. 

I shot a Facebook Live about this topic, so if you’d prefer to listen, click the video at the bottom of this page.

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A quick search on Google Scholar of “Prenatal stress and baby health” will bring up over 100,000 hits of peer-reviewed research articles, covering everything from immune, digestive, endocrine, and behavioral health to things like temperament. 

This highlights the importance of knowing how much stress you are “under”, because it’s affecting your child as well.

And stress on momma is no different than anyone else. Physical, chemical, and emotional stressors will also be affecting baby.

So whether you have a stressful job or home-life, have let your diet go and you succumb to all of your cravings, or you are stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, those are all causing stress on your body. 

This puts stress on your nervous system and if your nervous system isn’t balanced, meaning it can’t adapt properly to all of those stressors, that is when baby experiences that stress too.

For Starters:

Take an inventory of the stress in your life.

  • Are you staying active? Even if it is just stretching and going for walks?
  • How’s your diet?
  • How are you handling work? Or our spouse? Or social media?
  • Is your nervous system balanced?

Make a Change

  • Start going for walks. Daily, at a minimum.
  • Cut out all vegetable oil and up your protein intake. 
  • Start a simple meditation practice by using an app or YouTube.
  • Get scanned at a chiropractors office to see how your nervous system is performing.

Those are a great place to start to ensure you are giving your baby the best possible start as well.

If you have any questions, comment below or Contact the office today!

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